Systems Evaluation

Cutting through the noise to find the right solutions


Taking the risk out of software decisions

We offer vendor assessment and software evaluation services to help organizations make informed technology purchasing decisions. Through our vendor assessment process, we thoroughly evaluate potential software vendors across key criteria such as features and functionality, technology architecture, vendor stability and viability, implementation services and support offerings, and pricing models.

Our software evaluation services involve hands-on testing and analysis of leading software products in a given category. We provide detailed, unbiased assessments of each product’s pros and cons to inform our clients’ software selection. Our startup delivers transparent, comprehensive vendor and software evaluations to reduce risk and enable organizations to confidently select solutions that best fit their needs.

Evaluate potential software vendors across key criteria like features, architecture, stability, services, and pricing

Conduct deep dives into vendors' technical capabilities and product demonstrations

Assess alignment of vendor solutions to client requirements

Examine usability, scalability, integration, security, performance

Provide detailed, unbiased assessments of pros and cons for each product

Deliver transparent, comprehensive evaluations to reduce risk and enable confident software selection


Our Proven Process of Vendor Selection

  1. Meet with customer to understand their business needs and requirements for new software
  2. Have customer prioritize required capabilities and identify key pain points to address
  3. Research software vendors that align to customer’s needs and create a shortlist
  4. Work with customer to develop and send RFPs to shortlisted vendors
  5. Review vendor responses with customer and evaluate against defined requirements
  6. Schedule vendor demos for customer and help assess product fit and viability
  7. Set up POC testing of top solutions in customer-specific lab environment
  8. Guide customer through hands-on testing and evaluation of shortlisted software
  9. Present pros and cons analysis of solutions to customer for comparison
  10. Advise customer on negotiating contracts with preferred vendor(s)
  11. Provide recommendation for software selection based on total assessment
  12. Collaborate with customer on transition plan and timeline for new software
  13. Continuously support customer during implementation and optimization of new solution